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Health Scores Sector

Health Scores Sector by SynerAI

SynerAI Health Factors are directional opinions about a publicly traded company with respect to six dimensions:

  • Management
  • Competition
  • Reputation
  • Earnings Power
  • ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
  • Systemic-Macro

Their AI (Artificial Intelligence) machines read high quality news articles, learn the context, and form an opinion for each of a given Sector´s health factors.

Collectively, these factors provide a framework to assess and compare publicly traded companies and find the best investment opportunity.

Every Sector is described by the six health factors; daily,
Each factor has an AI-produced score between -1 and +1.

This tradable data may form predictive patterns and signals that can generate alpha.

(Results in this version will be recalculated as additional news sources are added)