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Dataset Name: six_corporate_actions

Group: market_data
Vendor: Six Group
Data Starts at: 39083
Symbol Set: Equities
Asset Class: Equity, ADRs, ETFs,Fixed Income,Options,FX,Futures
Data Update Time(s): EOD daily
Data Update Frequency: day

SIX Corporate Actions

The award-winning Corporate Actions from SIX with its comprehensive, near real-time reference database, are globally sourced to support cash flow management, income distribution and risk management.

Timely, Complete, and Processed Automatically

Our award-winning corporate actions data is globally sourced to support cash flow management, income distribution, and risk management.

Aggregated from all major financial markets, our corporate actions data is structured to maximize the automation of operations. This enables firms to handle the growing volume and complexity of corporate actions.

Delivered to customers worldwide, our data reduces operational and reputational risk, making data consumption more efficient. Corporate actions are a core strength of SIX and provide the foundation for multiple services.

How You Will Benefit

Deep Data Coverage - Receive corporate actions with related sub-events and messages
Flexible Delivery Options - Our corporate actions can be delivered in a format that suits you
Global, Timely, and Accurate - Sourced from major financial centers; updated and verified constantly

Stay Aware, Stay Ahead

The SIX data model enables complex events to be standardized, decrypted, and delivered in near-real time.

Our service helps you to plan ahead and reduce the risk of missing announcements. It notifies you in advance of events taking place in your portfolio.

In the past, customers had to combine data from SIX, fund manufacturers, and different specialist companies, in a number of hard-to-integrate formats. SIX now works with more than 50 partners to deliver aggregated corporate actions data in a wide variety of formats that can be integrated easily.

"We focus on the quality, accuracy and timeliness of our corporate actions data, as well as on how clients need to adapt to changing market conditions." - Annelotte de Nanassy, Senior Product Manager, SIX

Important Dataset Notes

This dataset is not available for direct online purchase. Please contact sales directly at The data is available through our normal sales department who can provide you with current pricing and a quote for accessing this valuable dataset. This may be due to a number of reasons such as dataset intended use, size of the company (or investment fund) using the dataset, or for simple legal requirements that CloudQuant needs to ensure are in place prior to licensing the dataset to you.