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US Workers Survey

This is a new, continuous general population study that examines the changes in circumstances of the US working age population, including those workers who are working part-time or who have left the labor market. 1000 respondents from the general population would be surveyed each month on a continuous basis. This would complement the RIWI "UI benefits study" and is usually purchased together.

Included would be questions related to workers who have left the labor market since the start of the pandemic and what they are doing, including how they are supporting themselves, why they have left the labor market, whether they have relocated to a lower-cost jurisdiction, etc. The objective is to shed light on the puzzle of what has happened to these workers, to understand whether this is a structural issue or a temporary one. The results matter for future inflation. This study is unique in being run on a continuous basis to see how this phenomenon is changing in real-time.