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US and Canada Real-Time Layoffs Tracker Survey

From October 2022 to the present, RIWI has been tracking the recession pivot point in real-time by asking a unique random cohort of the population each day whether they or their immediate family members or close friends have lost their jobs in the past two weeks. These data are available in real-time in both the US and Canada (and other jurisdictions upon request). Additional sectoral and demographic data are available.

The feed is unique in providing forward-looking sentiment and behavior data, in providing those data in real-time and on a daily basis, and in leveraging a unique technology that minimizes bias by reaching out to the broadest set of respondents. This dataset includes information from 150 respondents on average each day. They are gathered using RIWI’s web-intercept technologies which ensure broad reach far beyond paid, habitual survey takers. RIWI’s method leverages hundreds of thousands of dynamic source points at which it intercepts people online.