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China Luxury Goods Survey

China Luxury Goods Survey by RIWI

The RIWI China Luxury Goods provides continuous data series on each of Chinese consumer sentiment about luxury brand companies in China. It includes information on consumer spending, consumer spending intentions, consumer luxury brand preference and foreign and national luxury brand performance comparison. The feed is unique in providing forward-looking sentiment and behavior data, in providing those data in real-time and on a daily basis, and in leveraging a unique technology that minimizes bias by reaching out to the broadest set of respondents.

The series includes data from 450 respondents on average each day. They are gathered using RIWI’s web-intercept technologies which ensure broad reach far beyond paid, habitual survey takers: 60 percent of RIWI’s China respondents report never taking a survey before. RIWI’s method leverages hundreds of thousands of dynamic source points at which it intercepts people online. This ensures broad coverage throughout all parts of the country, including tier 3 and 4 cities. It additionally minimizes the chances of bias and bots, and prevents blockage by state censors.

RIWI provides subscriptions to a suite of continuous, unique, reliable data series in China.