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Reddit Comparison

Reddit Comparison by Reddit powered by CloudQuant

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Data Frequency: day

Technical dataset to compare backfill vs datafeed of reddit data

Column Type Description
_seq uint Internal sequence number used to keep data rows in order
timestamp string Timestamp of the Data - America/New York Time.
muts uint64 Microseconds Unix Timestamp. An integer representation of a timestamp with microsecond precision that can be compared directly to other timestamps.
symbol string Trading Symbol or Ticker
miner_count string xxx
received_count string xxx
matched string xxx
unmatched int xxx
diff_min int diff_min
diff_max int diff_max
diff_mean double diff_mean
diff_stdev double diff_stdev
abs_min int abs_min
abs_max int abs_max
abs_mean double abs_mean
abs_stdev double abs_stdev