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Financial Disclosure is changing

An increasing number of US companies are disclosing their earnings and other events exclusively on their websites. If you license press releases from the traditonal outlets you are now missing a lot of content.

As traditional providers decline, organizations are increasingly using their websites to disclose market-sensitive information earlier or exclusively.

The trend is impacting, at different levels, every market in the world, including the most regulated ones. 

Because of this trend, gaps and delays are increasingly affecting information providers and their clients.

PUBT is the only provider in the market offering a global, solution to collect, normalize, tag, and distribute alt. disclosure web content.

Broad market coverage: The global reach of PUBT means that content is available globally including in poorly regulated/emerging markets as well as small/medium caps

Unregulated content: Coverage is unlimited and expanded to include the likes of ESG reports, governance documents and business reports

Macro policy decisions: Monetary policy decisions and macro indicators can also be tracked

Avoid surprises: Avoid missing out on a non-scheduled announcement that could have an impact on price

Fill gaps: Global Market coverage means that there will be a significant reduction in gaps of disclosure, even in markets or content sets with no regulatory requirements

Fully analyze faster: By taking the data immediately, information will come through quicker with full documentation, meaning an ability to make trading decisions before the rest of the market has time to react