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Prosper by Prosper Insights & Analytics

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Category: survey ,
Product Type: intent


Asset Classes:
Data Frequency: month

Dataset Name: prosper

Group: intent

Vendor: Prosper Insights & Analytics

Data Starts at: 2002-01-01 00:00:00

Symbol Set: Major Retailers

Data Update Time(s): 12:05 AM EST

Data Update Frequency: month

Retail Economy and Consumer Spending Forecast

US Signals - Retail Economy Forecast.

Prosper US Signals series of datasets includes leading indicators and advanced predictive analytics from Prosper´s scientifically collected monthly measurement of over 7,500 US consumers covering forward looking spending plans, retail channels, motivations, and economic outlook.

Prosper US Signals are excellent training datasets for Machine Learning initiatives and Forecasting applications.

Prosper´s Consumer Spending Forecast correlates with actual retail Sales 3 weeks in advance( r=.81).

Data Contained in this Dataset

Column Type Description
_seq uint Internal sequence number used to keep data rows in order
timestamp string Timestamp of the Data - America/New York Time.
muts uint64 Microseconds Unix Timestamp. An integer representation of a timestamp with microsecond precision that can be compared directly to other timestamps.
symbol string Trading Symbol or Ticker
source string Is the source a survey Question MCS or a CALCulated value from the survey.
question_id int Unique question id number for each question, approximately 300 id´s, range from 1 to 700
question_text string Text of Question Asked
answer_id int Unique answer id number for each potential answer, approximately 70 id´s, range from 1 to 9001
answer_text string Text of Answer
date string Survey Availability date
value double Value for answer to question or Calculation. These are often Percentages expressed as 0.0 to 1.0 but call be amount spent or intend to spend. See Answer Text for description of the Answer

Important Dataset Notes

This dataset is not available for direct online purchase. Please contact sales directly at The data is available through our normal sales department who can provide you with current pricing and a quote for accessing this valuable dataset. This may be due to a number of reasons such as dataset intended use, size of the company (or investment fund) using the dataset, or for simple legal requirements that CloudQuant needs to ensure are in place prior to licensing the dataset to you.