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Dataset Name: moodys_news_by_isin_lookback

Group: news
Vendor: Moody's Analytics
Data Starts at: 2014-01-01 00:00:00
Data Currently Ends at: ongoing, contact sales for full data set.
Asset Class: Equity,Fixed Income,Options,FX,Futures
Data Update Frequency: intraday

Data Contained in this Dataset

Column Type Description
_seq uint Internal sequence number used to keep data rows in order
timestamp string Timestamp of the Data - America/New York Time.
muts uint64 Microseconds Unix Timestamp. An integer representation of a timestamp with microsecond precision that can be compared directly to other timestamps.
symbol string for each Moodys dataset this will be the by… so for by symbol it will be a symbol, for by CUSIP it will be a CUSIP and so on
uniqueid string Unique ID built by Acquire Media (but often based on identifiers supplied by the provider) which identifies a particular story. Ie (spaces added for clarity) 20160831 0729 BIZWIRE_USPR____BW5292 - Date, Time, BIZWIRE is the provider, USPR is the service, finally unique ID
company_name string Company Name
exchange string Exchange. Ie Null, NYSE, OTC-PINK, NASDAQ-NMS, LSE, Bombay, NEO, Frankfurt, EuronextParis, Tokyo, SaoPaulo, TorontoVE, Toronto, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, MoscowInterbank, CNSX, Johannesburg, Milan.
micexchangecode string ISO Market Identifier Code for the Exchange. ISO 10383, ISO 20022. ie XXXX, XNYS, PINX, XNAS, Null, XLON, XBOM, NEOE, XFRA, XPAR, XTKS, BVMF, XTSX, XTSE, XKRX, XKLS, XASX, XMIC, XCNQ, XJSE,
acorn string ACORN Acquire Media Organizational Number - All companies are given an Acquire Media specific identifier
cusip string CUSIP (Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures) identifier
company_symbol string Company Trading Symbol
necoid string NECOID
tickerhierarchy string Related to company mentioned in stories. Where REFERENCE=Primary Ticker and SYNONYM=Secondary Ticker
title string Display News Headline Title - suitable for title bar of a browser window / list of news stories - may be shorter than the full headline (data 'hedline')
distributor string The required distributor element contains a printable name of the story's upstream provider (the one who sent the story to Acquire Media) ie ie ContentEngine, SyndiGate Media Inc., Information Solutions, Pedia Content Solutions, HT Media, NewsBank, ACI Information Group, ProQuest Information & Learning, Targeted News Service, Public Technologies.
received_date string Date and Time Received by Moodys
publish_date string Date and Time Published by Moodys
provider_name string A string identifying the provider, typically the news story publisher, or perhaps a news aggregator upstream from Acquire Media. ie ContentEngine, SyndiGate Media Inc., Information Solutions, Pedia Content Solutions, HT Media, NewsBank, ACI Information Group, ProQuest Information & Learning, Targeted News Service, Public Technologies, Tribune Content Agency, Zack Investment Research, Business Monitor International, M2 Communications, PR Newswire, Multimedia Investments Ltd, Thai News Service, Gale Group, Canjex Publishing Ltd, Business Wire,
service_name string A string identifying the provider's service, that is, the commercial designation of the “wire”. Ie Middle East & North African Newspapers, Newspapers, Spanish Newspapers, Contify News, Global IP News, English News, Blogs and Websites, News Service, South Asian Newspapers and Newswires, Regional News, Press Releases, Portuguese Newspapers, Commentary, BMI News, Journals, New Zealand News, ENP Newswire, Thai News Service, Gale All, Press Releases US - English
amx_company_record string AMX - Acquire Media XML - Company Record Data - A tag comprising of everything related to a company, mentioned in news story
data string Full body of the news article, contains all the data in JSONB

Important Dataset Notes

This dataset is not available for direct online purchase. Please contact sales directly at The data is available through our normal sales department who can provide you with current pricing and a quote for accessing this valuable dataset. This may be due to a number of reasons such as dataset intended use, size of the company (or investment fund) using the dataset, or for simple legal requirements that CloudQuant needs to ensure are in place prior to licensing the dataset to you.