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ice_snap_nasdaq_composite_564 by ICE

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Dataset Name: ice_snap_nasdaq_composite_564

Group: market_data
Vendor: ICE
Data Currently Ends at: ongoing, contact sales for full data set.
Symbol Set: US Equities
Asset Class: Equity
Data Update Frequency: intraday

Live NASDAQ Composite SNAP Data

Data Contained in this Dataset

Column Type Description
_seq int64 Internal sequence number used to keep data rows in order
timestamp string Timestamp of the Data - America/New York Time.
muts int64 Microseconds Unix Timestamp. An integer representation of a timestamp with microsecond precision that can be compared directly to other timestamps.
symbol string Trading Symbol or Ticker int64 Enumerated source ID. Used in conjunction with "SRC.ID".
symbol.ticker string Ticker symbol associated with this message.
entitlement.code int64
trade.price double Last trade price.
trade.size int64 Size of an individual trade. int64
ask.price double Ask Price
historical.cancel.size int64
ask.size int64 Ask Size
bid.price double Best bid price at the given time int64
bid.size int64 Bid size at the given time double
current.price double The Current Price of the security
historical.cancel.price double
quote.cond_2 int64
activity.datetime string Activity Date Time stamp
action.time int64 action_type
trade.datetime string
quote.datetime string
trade.vol int64 Trade Volume
session.vol int64 Trade session volume int64 int64 int64
contract.units string Contract Units
contract.size string Contract Unit of Measure
enum.contract.units int64
exch.message.timestamp int64 Exchange sent timestamp in milliseconds HH:MM:SS:mmm.
trade.cond.datetime string
regional.part.code string
pq.last.price int64
trade.condition string
record.stale.ind int64 string string
isin string International Securities Identification Number. An international code which identifies a securities issue
sedol string Sedol for underlying constituent. Stock Exchange Daily Official List identifier assigned by the London Stock Exchange, requires SEDOL license int64
enum.instr.type int64
local.code string
financial.status int64
symbol.exch.ticker string Exchange or market place symbol or ticker
instr_name2 string
special.price.indicator int64
bid.high double Highest bid price for the period
bid.low double Lowest bid price for the period
bid.chg double
fund.fye1 string
enum.sic int64
enum.div.type int64
enum.div.freq int64
fund.currency.fye1 string
fund.book_value_ps.fye1 double
fund.current_assets.fye1 string
fund.current_liabilities.fye1 string
fund.long_term_debt.fye1 string
fund.revenue.fye1 string
fund.net_income.fye1 string
fund.eps.fye1 double
fund.fye2 string
fund.currency.fye2 string
fund.revenue.fye2 string
fund.eps.fye2 double
fund.profit_margin.fye1 double
fund.operating_margin.fye1 double
fund.5_yr_avg_div_yld.fye1 double
fund.pct_held_by_insiders double int64
mic.code string ISO Market Identifier Code for the Exchange. ISO 10383, ISO 20022
mic.code_ref.mkt string ISO Market Identifier Code for the Exchange. ISO 10383, ISO 20022
enum.currency int64
display.precision string string string
yest.ask.close double
trade.tick string
limit.high double
limit.low double
chg double
pct.chg double Percent Changed
div.amount double Dividend Amount int64
variable.tick.size string
trade.high double
ca.event.currency string Event Currency
trade.low double double double
trade.trend string
current.datetime string Current date and time
trade.block.count int64
trade.block.vol int64 Trade Block Volume
trade.cond.price double
trade.cond.size int64 string int64
update.action int64 int64 Yesterday total cumulative volume.
vwap double Volume Weighted Average Price
bid.part.code string
ask.part.code string double
trade.cond_1 int64
ca.action_id int64 Action ID
ca.revision_number int64 int64
operating.mic string The operating market MIC, as defined by ISO-10383 Market Identifier Code (MIC). ISO-10383 specifies a universal classification scheme to identify exchanges, trading platforms, and other regulated and non-regulated markets.
yest.unadj.close double
fund.record.status string int64
instr.status int64
tradable.status int64 string string string Bloomberg Security Description
trade.part.code string int64 Enumerated Bloomberg Security Type int64 Enumerated Bloomberg Sector description
bloomberg.unique_id string
bloomberg.exch.code string Bloomberg Exchange Code
bloomberg.sec.num.des string bloomberg.sec.num.des string Bloomber trading symbol or ticker
bloomberg.global_id string Blomberg Global ID
bloomberg.global_id.comp string bloomberg.global_id.comp
instr.local_type2 string
symbol.esignal.ticker string eSignal trading symbol or ticker int64
instr_name.local string Local instrument name