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ice_909_coreref_mktp by ICE

Dataset Name: ice_909_coreref_mktp

Group: market_data
Vendor: ICE
Symbol Set: Korea Exchange Securities
Asset Class: Equity
Data Update Time(s): 5:00 AM EST
Data Update Frequency: intraday

ICE DataVault Core Refence Marketplace Data for Korea Exchange Securities B - KOSDAQ Level 1

Data Contained in this Dataset

Column Type Description
_seq uint Internal sequence number used to keep data rows in order
timestamp string Timestamp of the Data - America/New York Time.
muts uint64 Microseconds Unix Timestamp. An integer representation of a timestamp with microsecond precision that can be compared directly to other timestamps.
symbol string Trading Symbol
MKTP string Marketplace
ENUM.SRC.ID int64 Enumerated source ID. Used in conjunction with "SRC.ID".
MIC.CODE string ISO Market Identifier Code for the Exchange. ISO 10383, ISO 20022
OPERATING.MIC string The Operating MIC, as defined by ISO-10383 Market Identifier Code (MIC). ISO-10383 specifies a universal classification scheme to identify exchanges, trading platforms, and other regulated and non-regulated markets.
MIC.CODE_REF.MKT double The MIC of the primary listing or reference market. The primary listing/reference market is defined as the market from which holidays/contract specs/etc. are derived. It is not an indication of the market with the highest activity or volume.
ALT.MIC double Space-delimited list of alternative MIC codes for an instrument, where an instrument is listed on multiple markets but traded in a single order book (e.g. Euronext, where the value might be 3516=XPAR XAMS XBRU).
MKT.SEGMENT double Market segment.
MKT.SEGMENT.STRING double Alphanumerical code representing an instrument's local Market Segment.
MKT.SEGMENT.SECTOR double Two digit LSE segment code followed by three digit LSE sector code.
MKT.SECTOR double Numeric market sector code.
MARKET.ID string Market Code.
MARKET.ID.CODE double Market ID code.
DATA.SOURCE double Data source.
ENUM.SRC.PRIMARY.ID double Enumerated primary source. Used in conjunction with CTF field 'SRC.ID'.
ENUM.MKT.SUB.ID double Enumerated sub-market ID. Each enumerated ID has corresponding strings in MKT.SUB.DESC and MKT.SUB.ABRV

Important Dataset Notes

This dataset is not available for direct online purchase. Please contact sales directly at The data is available through our normal sales department who can provide you with current pricing and a quote for accessing this valuable dataset. This may be due to a number of reasons such as dataset intended use, size of the company (or investment fund) using the dataset, or for simple legal requirements that CloudQuant needs to ensure are in place prior to licensing the dataset to you.