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China Data Feeds Surveys Set (Group)

The data are both time and location stamped. They are gathered using RIWI’s web-intercept technologies which ensure broad reach far beyond paid, habitual survey takers: 60 percent of RIWI’s China respondents report never taking a survey before. RIWI’s method leverages hundreds of thousands of dynamic source points at which it intercepts people online. This ensures broad coverage throughout all parts of the country, including tier 3 and 4 cities. It additionally minimizes the chances of bias and bots, and prevents blockage by state censors. Data series include views on government policies, consumer spending, travel intentions, and views on the China-Taiwan conflict. RIWI’s data series often include politically sensitive questions, for which RIWI employs heightened security procedures.

Data series include:

  • Views of Chinese leadership data series (January 2023)
  • China-Taiwan military conflict risk index (May 2022)
  • China high frequency macro datafeed (June 2018)
  • China consumer, investor, and travel datafeed (June 2018)
  • China electric vehicles datafeed (started in June 2021 and ended in January 2023, data collection can be restarted at any time)
  • Support for anti-lockdown protests study (December 2022)
  • Views of Chinese leadership amidst zero-COVID study (September 2022)
  • Cold War Two Index (geopolitical and macroeconomic questions in China, Russia, and US) (September 2021)

RIWI provides subscriptions to a suite of continuous, unique, reliable data series in China, across a range of geopolitical, political, and economic topics.