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EquityRT Dashboard

EquityRT Dashboard by Equity RT

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Dataset Name: equity_rt_dashboard

Group: software

Vendor: Equity RT

Asset Class: Equity,ADRs,ETFs,Fixed Income,Options,FX,Futures,Crypto

Data Update Frequency: intraday

The EquityRT™ dashboard - The best dashboard for analysts, fund managers and researchers

EquityRT™ Dashboard

The easiest way to make investment decisions

EquityRT™ is a web-based investment research platform that was designed to help you build strong trusted relationships with your clients by providing you with financial market information that is accurate, easy to access and affordable.

We help you connect the dots and give you useful insights into stock markets and sectoral trends.

Simplified Research - Experience, Adapt, Advance

Let´s face it, our fast paced lives require us to use quick, simple and powerful systems and applications.

At EquityRT™ we pay careful attention to what´s happening around us and we continuously adapt our solutions to fit this ever-changing world by introducing new functionality and easier ways to analyze data, like our 3 click methodology that gives you the information you need in 3 easy clicks.

We have specially designed EquityRT™ to be smarter, faster and more intuitive.

Why investment professionals choose EquityRT™

Flexible Access

You are always on the move. We get it.

EquityRT™ is web-based so you can access it anytime anywhere and stay on top of your investment goals.

Quality Coverage

Access comprehensive financial information to support your investment planning, sourced from the most reputable and trusted data suppliers.

Intuitive Tools

Easy to use tools that help you extract interesting insights to guide your investment decisions.

Improved Efficiency

Improve your efficiency by automating your analysis and reporting in Microsoft Excel. Free up time for the fun things in life.

Our Features

Peer Comparisons & Stock Screening

Compare stocks and easily find investment ideas.

Market Trends

Access the "not so obvious" market trends that reveals interesting insights into stock signals.

Automation Tools

Streamlined automation of analysis with intuitive tools which include advanced charting, excel automation, Portfolio management and more.

And Lots More...

About EquityRT™

Who we are

EquityRT™ is innovation, simplicity and trust packaged into a stock market research platform built to empower financial and investment professionals across the US, Canada and the rest of the globe.

At EquityRT™, we understand the importance of building trusted relationships. In addition to the leading innovative technology we bring to investment research, we put dedicated effort to ensure the data and insights you get from EquityRT™ have the integrity that will grow the trust relationship between you and your client.

Our Experience

Over 20 years of experience, expertise and passion for financial markets enables us to pull together all the right information and tools you need to make the best investment decisions accurately and quickly whilst achieving the financial goals of your client.

Our growing global presence gives us the opportunity to work with a wide range of customers that help us to bring diversity and innovation in our products and solutions.

Our Mission

We make it easy

Today we have more data to analyze and less time for analysis. We make analysis easy by working with you to consistently adapt and simplify EquityRT™ in line with modern practices. We show you new insights to old data using smart analytics and offer automation tools speeding up your analysis time.

Earning that TRUST

We do this by ensuring we have the most trusted local and global sources of data. And to be extra certain, we apply our own set of validation rules to all data. In this way we know we are providing the highest data quality and accuracy for your investment decisions.

You are never alone

We boast a 97% customer retention rate which is perfect indication of our service excellence. Around the clock support through multiple channels ensures that you are never alone and we will journey with you as you experience EquityRT™.