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edi_company_free_float by EDI

Dataset Name: edi_company_free_float

Group: reference_data
Vendor: EDI
Symbol Set: Global
Asset Class: Equity
Data Update Time(s): To be determined
Data Update Frequency: day

Company Free Float Service

The free float of a public company is the percentage of shares that are freely available to the investing public.

It is a measure of how many shares are reasonably liquid.

Most indices are adjusted based on companies' free float which means companies are weighted by the total value of shares that are actually available to portfolio investors rather than the total market cap.

Providing a benchmark more closely related to what money managers can actually buy, is very useful for performance measurements.

To complement its Share Outstanding service (See Equity Corporate Actions), EDI is now offering Free Float Data from 69 exchanges around the globe. EDI is monitoring another 72 markets where data is not currently available and will review the service coverage on a regular basis.

For each market, EDI will provide the specific definition of Free Floating Shares.

Each dataset is available separately and where historical data is available it can be purchase per year basis.

Important Dataset Notes

This dataset is not available for direct online purchase. Please contact sales directly at The data is available through our normal sales department who can provide you with current pricing and a quote for accessing this valuable dataset. This may be due to a number of reasons such as dataset intended use, size of the company (or investment fund) using the dataset, or for simple legal requirements that CloudQuant needs to ensure are in place prior to licensing the dataset to you.