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CloudQuant Equity Options Flow

CloudQuant Equity Options Flow by CloudQuant

CloudQuant Equity Options Flow

Introducing Equity Options Flow: Uncover Market Maker & High-Frequency Trading Insights in Real Time.

Discover a new dimension of trading intelligence with the Equity Options Flow dataset, meticulously crafted to reveal the intricacies of market maker and high-frequency trading firm activities within the realm of equity options. Available in a minute-frequency format, this cutting-edge dataset empowers traders and investors to navigate the dynamic landscape of options trading with precision and confidence.


Elevate Your Trading Arsenal: Equity Options Flow delivers a specialized lens into the world of market makers and high-frequency trading firms. Equip yourself with the tools to decode their lightning-fast decisions and stay one step ahead in the fast-paced options market.


Decode Informed Movements: Unravel high-conviction trading actions by dissecting the inflow and outflow of capital resulting from equity options transactions. Explore the interplay between options Greeks, Dollar Delta exposure, Dollar Gamma exposure, and their dynamic combinations based on the second-order Taylor polynomial.


Unveil Unparalleled Granularity: With a staggering 192 columns of aggregated insights, including long-only, short-only, calls & puts, and targeted ranges of Delta values, Equity Options Flow provides unparalleled granularity for meticulous analysis. Delve into actionable patterns with additional liquidity filters, which incorporate a nuanced understanding of time-to-maturity and logarithmic moneyness.


Precision in Every Trade: Equity Options Flow refines your approach with precision, offering real-time observations of market maker and high-frequency trading firm activities. Experience the power of proprietary analytics, eliminating noise and highlighting high-conviction moves that can steer your strategies.


Seamlessly Integrated: Effortlessly integrate Equity Options Flow into your workflow, accessible through real-time and daily delivery options, exclusively via CloudQuant Liberator™. Gain direct access to timely, actionable insights without interruption. Step into the future of options trading analysis with Equity Options Flow. Navigate the complex terrain of market maker and high-frequency trading strategies, transforming insights into strategic advantage. Elevate your trading precision with timely data-driven decisions and unlock a new dimension of trading intelligence.