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CQ.AI by CloudQuant

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CloudQuant AI

CloudQuant AI is a Hosted Jupyter Labs environment with direct access to all permitted datasets and algorithmic access to our Mariner backtesting system.

Workspaces can be provisioned to various specifications.

Most popular Python libraries are included. Users can also create their own environments and import any libraries they choose. Popular Machine Learning and AI libraries are also included.

In addition to Python, our CloudQuant AI application also includes support for R users.

Access to CQ Standard Datasets through CQ Data Liberator
Your choice of Workspace specification:

  • Small – 2 Cores, 8 GB Ram
  • Medium – 4 Cores, 24 GB Ram
  • Large – 16 Cores, 96 GB Ram
  • Extra Large – 32 Cores, 192 GB Ram