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CDD Collaborative Drug Discovery

CDD Collaborative Drug Discovery by CDD - Collaborative Drug Discovery

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Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD) is a company that specializes in providing cloud-based software solutions for collaborative research in drug discovery and development.

They offer a platform that enables scientists and researchers from different organizations to securely share and analyze their scientific data in real-time.

Example datasets include :

  • Clinical trial success and failures
  • Market size indications by disease code - updates once per year
  • Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (Normalized to population)
  • Curated Drug Revenue
  • 20 years of Clinical Trial history
  • Statistics for clinical trial completion times
  • Patents and FDA Approvals
  • Dictionary of active ingredients, synonyms
  • Company Names - may use multiple names.

Analysis available for :

  • How easily predictive are drug company revenues given revenue on a per drug basis.
  • Stock price behavior around major FDA drug approval
  • Using publication counts to predict price behavior
  • NPV of a drug development pipeline
  • US Household Drug Expenditure Data