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Trading Opportunities API

Trading Opportunities API (to_api)

Autochartist’s Trading Opportunities API provides automatic detection of Chart Patterns (eg: channels, head-and-shoulders), Key Levels (significant support/resistance levels being tested), Big Movements (extreme movements in the >= 98th percentile) and more...


  • Stocks >= hourly data (except some very liquid stocks available from 15M up)
  • Currencies >= 15M data
  • Indices >= hourly data
  • ETFs >= daily data
  • Crypto-currencies >= 15M data
  • Front-month futures (Commodities, Energy, etc) >= hourly data

Breakout Chart Pattern (CP)
There has been a breakout through support/resistance
Breakout Chart Pattern
Emerging Chart Patterns (CP)
No breakout yet
Emerging Chart Pattern
Breakout Key Level (KL)
There has been a breakout through support/resistance
Key Level
Approaching Key Level (KL)
No breakout yet, but the price is moving in that direction
Approaching Key Level
Big Movement (BM)
Extreme movement identified (>= 98th percentile)
Big Movement
More Analysis Types Available